About My Breeding Program

Thank you for visiting the official webpage of Hokusei Kashinoki Hokkaido Ken and Masakado Shiba Inu. This is a small preservation breeding program located in Puyallup, WA and dedicated to Hokkaido Ken, and its cousin breed the Shiba Inu.  I have lived with Shibas since 2007, having bred several litters of multi titled dogs with numerous sports and AKC conformation titles. I have been involved with founding the Hokkaido breed in the US since 2010, and produced the first two litters born in North America. I have imported multiple Hokkaido and founded the breed club, Hokkaido Association of North America, while achieving AKC admittance/recording into their Foundation Stock Program. I am a member of HANA, NIPPO (Hokusei Kashinoki is my NIPPO kennel name I use for Hokkaido) and the NSCA (National Shiba Club of America) having visited these dogs/breeders in Japan. I maintain a good relationship with Mr. Sato the president of Dokenho in Japan (the Hokkaido Ken Hozonkai or HKH) and have been offered membership (a first for anyone overseas). I own a small number of dogs who are my pets, and my pet homes and breeding contacts are dear friends to me.

Showing in AKC conformation is just one aspect of the work I do with my dogs, as my real passion is performance sports, the study of small population genetics management, and breed education. My objective for each of my breeds differs somewhat, but overall I aim to produce the next generation of healthy active companions who are genetically diverse, are of acceptable type, who also want to work for me in sports and shows. Shibas are my first and primary passion, but I  do have a great affection and faith in Hokkaido Ken, having lived with and raised several dozen of them (my dogs have contributed to the bulk of the population here to date!). 

I believe  in the  versatility of the Shiba breed and my motto has become “Shibas  Can Do  Anything!” Together we have accomplished many "firsts" for me,  and  earned titles in Conformation, Rally, Agility, Flyball, Lure  Coursing,  CGC, Barn Hunt, as well as enjoyed events like Herding and  Truffle  Hunting. I don't compete to earn ribbons, but I am proud of some  of the  "firsts" we have accomplished for the breed (my Shibas were the  first  and second to ever earn Lure Coursing titles), and my girls are  top  ranked in Flyball. 

I believe that training and socializing  never stop, and I prefer to use the Least Invasive Minimally Aversive  (LIMA) training in every day life. I do not advocate Dog Whispering  techniques and am happy to explain why I don't think they are effective  tools to use with Shibas or Hokkaido. I am happy to show you all of the many ways  dogs can be successful without punishment based training. 

I feed a  combination of raw, cooked, and prepared foods like the Honest Kitchen,  Primal, Darwins, Go!, FirstMate and Fromm. We are not as active in training or trialing at this point due to life and breedings, but I try to get my Flyball practice and tournaments in when I can, when not showing. The summers are  busier with Flyball and agility trials and doggy playdates with  friends, but I try to balance that with doggy holidays up and down the coast. I follow Dr. Jean Dodds vaccine protocol as a preference and am conservative with vaccines. I strive to follow The Puppy Culture method. 

My puppy homes are screened in person and applications are required. I prefer homes local to me so that we can meet many times as the puppy grows. I require contracts, training classes, and prefer homes with Japanese dog experience who demonstrate their dedication by doing good research prior to contacting me. Preference is extended to homes who demonstrate a passion for these breeds and their preservation. All dogs are screened for pertinent conditions and diseases with OFAs and eye screenings on record for viewing (gene testing via Optimal Selection, Paw Print Genetics, and Optigen). All Hokkaido puppies and adults are screened by a Veterinary Ophthalmologist prior to placement due to the high prevalence of Collie Eye Anomaly in the breed. Puppies are raised with the family and exposed to "safe" adult dogs who can teach them good puppy etiquette. I will take any returned puppy back and provide a health warranty. 

Deposits are $500 and total price of Shiba and Hokkaido puppies ranges from $2500-$3000 USD. My breedings are limited and I invest a great deal of time and energy into these breeds.

Please email me with questions at masakadoshiba@hotmail.com

Lindsay Anne Tompkins